The Eleventh HOPE Vendors

These vendors and organizations are part of HOPE, and would love to talk with you about their products, services, and passions.


No Starch Press: No Starch Press publishes the finest in geek entertainment-distinctive books that make tech topics accessible. Make sure you get your lock picks and gear at

BeeLine Reader: Hacking your brain to make reading on screen easier,faster,and more efficient.

Lime Microsystems

Hackaday: Hackaday is the #1Hacker news site,serving up fresh hacks every day.

OR Books

PreEmptive Solutions: @preemptive prevents app reverse engineering, tampering, debugging + crash monitoring & usage analytics


Security Snobs: Security Snobs offers High Security Mechanical Locks and Physical Security Products including door locks, padlocks, cutaways, security devices, and more. We feature the latest in security items including top brands like Abloy, BiLock, EVVA, KeyPort, Mobeye, Anchor Las, and Sargent and Greenleaf. Visit for our complete range of products. Stop by to see the new and coming soon products in high security and con specials!

SEREPICK: Custom Entry, Escape and Evasion Tools for the Urban Professional

Soylent: Enjoy a free bottle of @Soylent at @HopeConf, and be sure to visit for 50% off your first case of a new subscription!

Sparkle Labs


Organizations and Non-Profits

American Black Cross

American Civil Liberties Union: When it comes to digital privacy, the law hasn't kept pace with technology. The @ACLU is working to fix that.

Calyx Institute

Courage Foundation: Courage defends Snowden, Manning, Hammond, Brown and other truthtellers risking their lives for the public record.

Electronic Frontier Foundation: EFF is the leading defender of civil liberties in the digital world.Find out more,and join the fight at

The FreeBSD Foundation: @freebsdfndation supports the #FreeBSD project through development work, advocacy, grants, and legal support

Freedom of the Press Foundation: Defending and supporting cutting-edge transparency journalism in the face of adversity #pressfreedom

Free Software Foundation: The FSF is a 501(c)3 non-profit charity dedicated to defending and promoting computer-user rights.

Restore The Fourth: Restore The Fourth opposes unconstitutional mass government surveillance. We have 15 chapters across the US and one in the UK. We organize locally to pass surveillance oversight ordinances, and recently passed one in Silicon Valley. We file amicus briefs in Fourth Amendment cases, and advocate nationally for surveillance reform. Sign up at our table for $60 ($20 student/unwaged), and join the cutting edge of resistance to the surveillance state, or check out our two speakers (Alex Marthews 10am Saturday in Friedman on surveillance and chilling effects, and Brian Hofer 3pm Sunday in Noether on surveillance resistance in Oakland.)

The OWASP Foundation - New York City Chapter: OWASP operates as a non-profit and is not affiliated with any technology company, which means it is in a unique position to provide impartial, practical information about AppSec to individuals, corporations, universities, government agencies and other organizations worldwide. Operating as a community of like-minded professionals, OWASP issues software tools and knowledge-based documentation on application security. All of its articles, methodologies and technologies are made available free of charge to the public. OWASP maintains roughly 250 local chapters in 110 countries and counts thousands of members.