Time Lamarr - Fri Noether - Fri Friedman - Fri
1000 Biology for Hackers and Hacking for Biology The Phuture of Phreaking
1100 I "Hacked" for China What the Hack? Perceptions of Hackers and Cybercriminals in Popular Culture How to Torrent a Pharmaceutical Drug
1200 When Vulnerability Disclosure Turns Ugly Who's Killing Crypto? Matehacking: Legalizing Autonomous Production and Permaculture - Establishing a Hack Farm
1300 How Anonymous Narrowly Evaded Being Framed as Cyberterrorists Only You Can Stop Police Surveillance - Here's How Show Networks
1400 The Panama Papers and the Law Firm Behind It - Shady Lawyers Caught With Their Pants Down De-Anonymizing Bitcoin One Transaction at a Time Is the Brain the Next Hackable Driver?
1500 Ask the EFF: The Year in Digital Civil Liberties Your Level-Building Tool is Our Sound Stage Chinese Mechanical Locks - Insight into a Hidden World of Locks
1600 The Onion Report Car Hacking Tools The Securitization of Cyberspace and Its Impact on Human Rights
1700 Crypto War II: Updates from the Trenches Censorship, Social Media, and the Presidential Election Accessibility: A Creative Challenge to Living without Sight
1800 Privacy Badger and Panopticlick vs. the Trackers, Round 1 The Code Archive How to Start a Crypto Party
1900 LockSport Roadshow: Bring Your Oddities! Smart Cities and Blockchains: New Techno-Utopian Dreams or Nightmares Tuning in to New York City's Pirates of the Air
2000 (continued) A Penetration Tester's Guide to the Azure Cloud Coding by Voice with Open Source Speech Recognition
2100 SecureDrop: Two Years on and Beyond Seven Continents: A Telecom Informer World Tour Mesh VPN with Service Delivery
2200 Hacking Machine Learning Algorithms National Security Letters: The Checks and Balances Aren't Strong Enough - Sometimes They're Nonexistent Movie: Traceroute
2300 F*ck it, We'll Do It Live: Eight Years of Radio Statler! Security Options for High Risk Travelers
Time Lamarr - Sat Noether - Sat Friedman - Sat
1000 Monitoring Dusty War Zones and Tropical Paradises - Being a Broadcast Anthropologist Water Security: Are We in De-Nile or In-Seine? Water Policies, Availability, Geeks Without Bounds and You Surveillance Gives Me Chills
1100 Leak Hypocrisy: A Conversation on Whistleblowers, Sources, and the Label "Espionage" What is a "Neutral Network" Anyway? An Exploration and Rediscovery of the Aims of Net Neutrality in Theory and Practice Orbital Mechanics Ate My Weblog
1200 Women in Cyber Security Understanding Tor Onion Services and Their Use Cases When Video Is Not Standard Output
1300 KEYNOTE: Cory Doctorow (keynote) (keynote)
1400 (keynote) (keynote) (keynote)
1500 FOIA at Fifty Medical Devices: Pwnage and Honeypots Building Your Own Tor-centric ISP for Fun and (non)Profit
1600 Lockpicking in Real Life versus on the Screen The Silk Road to Life without Parole - A Deeper Look at the Trial of Ross Ulbricht Bring the Noise: Ten Years of Obfuscation as Counter-Surveillance
1700 Privacy, Anonymity, and Individuality - The Final Battle Begins Detour Through Their Minds: How Everyday People Think the Internet Works The 0wnerless Library
1800 (continued) All Ages: How to Build a Movement Computer Science Curricula's Failure - What Can We Do Now?
1900 (continued) Hacking Sex: Toys, Tools, and Tips for Empowerment and Pleasure Won't Somebody Please Think of the Journalists?
2000 Stealing Bitcoin with Math What the Fuck Are You Talking About? Storytelling for Hackers Hacking DNA: Heritage and Health Care
2100 Social Engineering Open Source Malware Lab
2200 Now and Then, Here and There Code is from Mars, the Courts are from Venus - Reverse Engineering Legal Developments on Reverse Engineering Information Overload and the "Last Foot" Problem
2300 TSA Keys Leak: Government Backdoors and the Dangers of Security Theater CAPTCHAs - Building and Breaking Attacking the Source: Surreptitious Software Features
Time Lamarr - Sun Noether - Sun Friedman - Sun
1000 The Next Billion Certificates: Let's Encrypt and Scaling the Web PKI Hackers are Whistleblowers Too: Practical Solidarity with the Courage Foundation Go Hack Yourself!
1100 LinkNYC Spy Stations What Really Happened? Fact, Truth, and Research Techniques FOIA and Public Records Hacking: How to Complete a FOIA Request or Dox Yourself via the Privacy Act
1200 Freedom and Privacy in Our Lives, Our Governments, and Our Schools Iridium Satellite Hacking Presidential Twitter Bot Experience
1300 (continued) Anti-Forensics AF Censorship- and Coercion-Resistant Network Architectures
1400 Can We Sue Ourselves Secure? The Legal System's Role in Protecting Us in the Era of Mass Data Leaks and Internet of Things Constructing Exocortices with Huginn and Halo Sunset or Evolution of the PSTN
1500 This Key is Your Key, This Key is My Key Spy Hard with a Vengeance: How One City Stood up to the Department of Homeland Security Hacking Housing
1600 The Black Holes in Our Surveillance Map Come into My (Biohacking) Lab and See What's on the Slab Democratizing Wireless Networks with LimeSDR: Open Source, Field-Programmable RF Tech
1700 The Mathematical Mesh and the New Cryptography Hacking through Business: Theory and Logistics Deconstructing Ad Networks for Fun and Profit
1800 Bringing Down the Great Cryptowall

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