Where and when will The Eleventh HOPE happen?

At the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City, July 22-24, 2016. Explore http://xi.hope.net for more information, and to register.

Is it necessary to buy a ticket in advance?

It is not necessary, but it's a good idea since it's always cheaper and usually much quicker than waiting to pay at the door. We have a huge space but if we ever managed to totally fill it, those with advance tickets would have priority as with any event.

Is it safe to buy a ticket online?

The 2600 store, hosted by Shopify, is at least as safe as any other online vendor. We've been operating our store since 1999 and have kept customer data secure throughout that period while also maintaining one of the highest ratings of customer satisfaction. Contrary to the myths perpetuated by the mass media, hackers are the ones who know about the security flaws and will take steps to protect customers.

Can I buy a ticket with Bitcoins?

Yes! HOPE became the first conference in America to accept Bitcoins back in 2014. You can pay for your preregistration using Bitcoins (as well as anything else we offer) at the 2600 store.

Will there be Internet access at HOPE?

At HOPE X in 2014, we had the fastest Internet connection in the history of American hacker conferences (10 gigabit). So yes. There will be a great wireless network. There will also be switches available for a wired connection. Please bring your ideas on ways to use MORE bandwidth!

My editor is sending me to cover HOPE. How do I get press credentials?

Due to the large amount of applications for press credentials, we have stopped taking in press requests. Everyone who has already requested press credentials will be receiving an email shortly with more detailed relevant information. If you have any questions, please email press@hope.net. Thanks!

Are you on Twitter?

Yes. please follow @hopeconf

What is the age limit?

HOPE has no age limit, but we don't at present have specific areas designed for children. You must be 18 to book a room at the Hotel Penn.

What is a hacker?

A hacker is someone who is curious and creative, and seeks to understand how things work, especially complicated systems. Many hackers use technology to perform their investigations, and enjoy sharing information about their findings with other people. Often, hackers are willing to exceed boundaries of expected behavior, to better understand systems they are interested in.

Will the conference be full of criminals?

No, the conference will be full of creative and caring people, sharing what they know. You are encouraged to attend, and to contribute your energies and ideas to help make it even better.

Will there be people at the conference who can teach me to hack?

Yes! Or, more accurately, they will help teach you to think with a hacker mindset. The conference will be a supportive learning environment where you can get hands-on experience with different hardware and software tools and their associated skill sets. There will be keynotes, tutorials, competitions, and hands-on classes. You, too, can help to teach! Bring your own experiments and experiences, and consider providing your own knowledge to participants in discussions, tutorials, and other sessions.