2600 Store

In addition to the efforts and talents of our many awesome volunteers, these conferences are made possible through the continued support of2600 Magazine. Please showyour support and keep2600 alive, which will also help keep HOPE alive. The2600 store is on the 18th floor in the main corridor between the speaking areas and is stocked with back issues, calendars, t-shirts, hoodies, DVDs, books, caps, and lots more.

Friday through Sunday - 18th Floor

Amateur Radio Special Event Station W2H & 70cm Repeater

If you’re an amateur “ham” radio operator, bring your handie-talkie to communicate with the many hams at HOPE and keep up with what’s happening. Visit Special Event Station W2H on the 18th floor and operate on several HF/UHF/VHF bands to communicate with hams around the globe sans infrastructure - and even with the International Space Station (ISS) as it passes over. A 70cm repeater will have an input of 442.875 MHz and output of 447.875 MHz (PL 167.9 Hz). Simplex operations on 2M and 70cm will be on 147.545 MHz and 433.545 MHz with PL 77.0 (XB).

Friday through Sunday - 18th Floor (near Lamarr entrance)


The bleeding edge of art and the bleeding edge of technology are often one and the same. Simultaneously, art allows us to process the darker aspects of tech, like three letter agencies surveilling every move. The art at The Eleventh Hope covers these extremes.

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine


The hacker community in Germany became thoroughly addicted to this unique, carbonated, caffeinated beverage made from genuine yerba mate leaves.It gives you lots of energy, is lower in sugar than sodas, and doesn’t hit you with that “energy drink crash” when you stop drinking it.Club-Mate was first introduced in the U.S. in 2008 at The Last HOPE, where it was met with great enthusiasm by the American hacker community.Since then, we’ve supplied hackerspaces and rock stars with many pallets of the stuff.Get yourself a cold half-liter bottle of Club-Mate (courtesy of our new Club-Mate freezer) or pick up an entire case, and stay up and energized throughout The Eleventh HOPE.

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine


Friday and Saturday nights, grab a Club-Mate, come down to the atrium, and party while hacker DJs mix, spin, bend, mod, synth, sample, and twiddle bits and beats all night long! Details on who’s playing and when are being posted throughout the conference, along with ways that non-HOPE attendees can be a part of the fun.

Friday, Saturday nights - First Floor

Fourth Track

In the HOPE tradition of free speech, this forum is for unscheduled speakers to present a talk for one hour on any topic they like.The Hoover room on the 18th floor will be available starting Friday morning.The room accommodates about 60 people, and the HOPE Wi-Fi will be accessible there.AC power outlets are available, but no audio/video/projector is available unless you bring one.Speaking slots are 50-55 minutes. You can sign up at the InfoDesk in the Mezzanine on a first-come basis. The schedule will be posted outside the room.

Friday through Sunday - Hoover

Hackers Got Talent

Do you have a cool hack? This is your chance to share it with a whole bunch of other hackers. Hacks will be judged by a combination of panelists and audience. First place wins a valuable prize!

Saturday Night at Midnight - Noether

Hackerspace Village

It’s like an outdoor hacker camp village, but inside the HOtel PEnnsylvania.The Hackerspace Village has their own electronics workshop, project space, and social area.Members of hackerspaces and the DIY community from around the world will host informal classes, workshops, demos, giveaways, and other events throughout The Eleventh HOPE.Stop by and meet other interesting people who hack around the world.This is how countless projects are conceived and started.

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine

Hammock Lounge

Hammocks with Wi-Fi - yes, HOPE sets up a bunch of freestanding hammocks for you to relax and unwind on after many hours of hacking and geeking out.Warning: these are set to auto-flip after one hour to prevent lingering for too long.

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine


Got a question about anything at The Eleventh HOPE?Stop by the InfoDesk, where the helpful and knowledgeable radio-equipped InfoDesk staff can instantly reach dozens of HOPE staffers and get a quick answer about nearly anything going on.You can even get some good info about local NYC eating and drinking establishments.

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine

Learn to Solder

A large variety of way cool kits are available, all designed for total beginners to complete successfully - and intriguing enough for the total hardware geek.Materials cost $10 to $30, depending on the kit.

Friday through Sunday - Hardware Hacking Area (Mezzanine)

Lockpick Village

Want to tinker with locks and tools the likes of which you’ve only seen in movies featuring cat burglars, spies, and secret agents?Then come to the Lockpick Village to learn hands-on how the fundamental hardware of physical security operates and how it can be compromised. Experts are on hand to demonstrate - and plenty of locks, picks, shims, and other devices are available.

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine

Meta Mate Club

In the world outside hacker conferences, we are constantly connected online. This is an invitation to sit down and connect with a mate.... Sharing a mate is more than sipping a tea and the members of this club want to infuse the conference in a new dimension loaded with theobromine, antioxidents, and caffeine from the wild forests produced in an autonomous way. All Hackers On Planet Earth are welcome to drop in on the Mate Space, learn how to make a mate, and collaborate and connect.

Friday through Sunday -Meta Mate Club (Mezzanine)

Midnight Movies

Friday:Deep Web - documentary covering the trial of Ross Ulbricht and chronicling events surrounding Silk Road, Bitcoin, and the politics of the dark web. Introduced by director Alex Winter.

Saturday:Citizenfour - the Academy Award winning documentary from Laura Poitras on the early days of the Edward Snowden revelations and the ensuing NSA spying scandal. Look for footage from HOPE Number Nine!

Friday and Saturday at Midnight - Lamarr


The Eleventh HOPE is one of the most Internet-connected events in the country. There is ample wired and wireless connectivity throughout the conference, specifically on floors 1, 2, 6, and 18. And when we say fast (which we are saying now), we mean it. We took last conference’s 10 gigabit connection and turned it up to 11. Look for TheEleventhHOPE wireless network and visit for all sorts of important updates. Also, the NOCNOC is where folks can check in server equipment, knowing it will be connected and locked securely in our cage.

Open Microphone

In addition to the ongoing fourth track, we now have a way you can express yourself to the entire HOPE crowd beginning at midnight on Friday night. It’s kind of like lightning talks except with much longer lightning. You’ll have up to 15 minutes to say your piece and make your points. (You can even sing a song if you wish - it’s an open microphone, after all.) Sign up at the InfoDesk on Friday and you will be called upon in the order that you signed up.

Friday Night at Midnight - Noether


In ancient times hundreds of years before the dawn of history, there were telephones for communications. Come uncover the secrets of Phonehenge at The Eleventh HOPE.

Friday through Sunday -Mezzanine

Press Room

The Eleventh HOPE is pleased to host world-class and independent journalists from around the world to report on the unique happenings at this truly historic event.Large and small news media outlets, radio and television stations and networks, newspapers, magazines, and numerous online publications will all be covering The Eleventh HOPE.Journalists can take advantage of a quiet(er) space near the workshops and follow-up sessions that are taking place on the 6th floor. Here it will be possible to conduct one-on-one interviews with HOPE speakers, panelists, workshop presenters, project managers, organizers, volunteers, and others. Journalists - get your scoops here!

Friday through Sunday - London (6th Floor)

Radio Statler

Do you have something to say? Do you want to help bring HOPE to the world?Then stop by Radio Statler on the Mezzanine and join them as they broadcast original programming and expanded conference content to the wide reaches of the Internet.Radio Statler is HOPE’s 24-hour live streaming audio station, named after one of the hotel’s other names from years past: the Hotel Statler. Radio Statler features original content such as interviews with HOPE speakers, workshop presenters, artists, musicians, exhibitors, staff, and attendees. Sign up to do your own show, help out with someone else’s, or just sit in on some in-depth interviews and roundtable discussions. Know someone who can’t make it to the conference? Tell them to listen to the Radio Statler audio stream at - The Voice Of HOPE!

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine


The best old school hacks used the hardware that was available and took it to 11. Without hardware like this, the Internet as we know it wouldn’t have been formed. Take a look at some of the hardware which was greenwired, reworked, and hand-built to do the impossible (including the original Zenith used to edit the first issues of2600!).

Saturday, Sunday - Mezzanine

Security/First Aid

Lose your mobile phone or wallet?It’s way more likely to be turned in at The Eleventh HOPE security desk than outside on the street!There areno security goons at The Eleventh HOPE.Our internal security staff are all hackers, all highly professional, and they do a great job keeping you (and things) safe and under control in a crowd of thousands - all while keeping a friendly, low profile.

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine

Segway Human Transporters

In 2001, inventor and entrepreneur Dean Kamen unveiled the long-secret project some visionaries speculated could change the world. While it didn’t really do that, the Segway Human Transporter (codename:Ginger) is a pretty impressive feat of engineering that still fascinates many hackers. Phosphate-based lithium-ion batteries, bi-directional servo drive motors, multiple microcontrollers, tilt sensors, accelerometers, five gyroscopes, and an inertial navigation control system that seems to read your mind make this unique transportation machine worth trying out. The Eleventh HOPE indoor Segway track and keys to the machines are yours to exploit!

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine

Vendor Area

At every HOPE conference, there’s a nice group of vendors who offer stuff of interest to hackers.Books, electronic kits, t-shirts, lockpick sets and tools, and all kinds of other stuff you might not find anywhere else.Support our vendors who help make HOPE possible.We donate vendor tables to selected non-profits who support our community, such as the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Freedom of the Press Foundation, and others.They deserve our support for all of the vitally important work they do for our community and for everyone else.

Friday through Sunday - Mezzanine